Tuesday, October 17, 2006

General silliness...

Aishah Azmi, the support worker suspended from Headfield C of E school stated that she objected to removing her veil in the presence of male colleagues. When questioned by Peter Sissons on BBC news as to whether the school had known before her appointment that she would be wearing a veil, she replied that she wasn't aware whether or not they had known. She admitted that she hadn't volunteered the information. So she then found herself in great difficulty when she was asked how the male governor who had interviewed her had failed to be aware that she wore a veil.

On the other hand, "the World's Greatest Newspaper" the Daily Express leads today with the headline "Veils should be banned say 98%". Anyone brave enough to look any further discovers that the 98% refers to 98% of Daily Express Readers. So, very unsurprising after all, and hopefully wholly unrepresentative of the general population.

So, fat chance of a civilized debate.


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