Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Merlin Mann and David Allen's new podcast

Very excited about this. David Allen, author of Getting Things Done has teamed up with Merlin Mann of 43 Folders for a podcast called Productive Talk.

Allen's Getting Things Done is the most influential productivity method in decades and differs from many other methods by focussing on common-sense rather than over-prioritising. Mann has done much to popularise GTD, particularly amongst those of a geeky persuasion, through his website 43 folders and the invention of high-tech tools like the hipster PDA.

There's a few things that attract me to this method. It's about finding what works rather than making life even more complicated. And unlike many method, it suits the way my mind works. I've always liked the great Donald Knuth's explanation of the growth of computer science as a subject, and in a similar manner these ideas are tools I can relate to:

This is the true explanation of why computer science became a university department so fast all around the world. The reason is not that computers are important tools for mankind, or something like that. The reason is that there were these people out there who had this way of thinking that never had a home before. They get together, they can communicate high bandwidth to each other, the same kind of analogies are meaningful to them. All of a sudden they could come together and work much more efficiently, not in someone else’s territory that wasn’t for them.


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