Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Please pray!

As, some of you may know, in a little more than four days I will be a married man. I cannot wait for saturday to come and am really looking forward to it, however the past week and a half have been absolutely hellish. I have been in the process of moving house, trying to get prepared for the wedding, and being separated from Hazel by 150 miles for the past few weeks has not helped. That would've been trying enough but it's pretty clear that Satan has been trying to make the most of the situation by getting me down, and trying to cause as much trouble as he can in some of our circumstances. So if you could please pray, both for me and Hazel, it would be very much appreciated. I'd particularly like to get a proper night's sleep in the next few days (the problem is finding the time as well as actually getting to sleep).

Thank you!


At 6:26 AM, Blogger tomfinnemoregloryblogg said...

Praying for you Wilksy! Hope Hiro's speech is tasteful.


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