Wednesday, October 11, 2006

GTD Software picks...

Having talked below about the low-tech leaning of GTD, I can't omit to mention a couple of my favourite pieces of software. First off is GTDTiddlyWiki Plus, an adaption of Jeremy Ruston's brilliant TiddlyWiki. This is a client-side wiki with a GTD bent. The great thing about this is that you just save it on your machine (or a USB stick - it also has an upload plugin if you want to host it so it's always accessible wherever you are) and then get going.

For a more data-driven approach there's my app of choice, iCommit by Rainer Bernhardts. This is a hosted solution, so you're going to need an internet connection when you want to use it, but it has the advantage of a very intuitive interface and a comprehensive implementation of GTD.


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