Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Raaagght Naaace

I'd meant to link to it a while ago, but this interview with Richard Hawley in the Grauniad a couple of weeks back was very amusing. Both Hawley (unsurprisingly) and the interviewer give a good sense of life in Deedarland. Particularly poignant was the following enquiry:

Will the people change too? Will men - including hairy-arsed bus drivers - still call each other "love" and "duck" if Sheffield becomes the Stuttgart of the UK (the council's dream)?

Monday, May 22, 2006

A New Golden Era

What a glorious result! The second goal was a bit freaky but we definitely deserved the win. I was reading an article by Saint Graham de Taylor on saturday and he was saying how the comparisons between Boothroyd and himself were unfair on AB. I think he was correct regarding the situations being very different, that Boothroyd has surprised everyone by winning promotion to the premiership as a complete unknown in his first season of management. But a talent they do share is their ability to instill huge amounts of confidence in players who you wouldn't expect to have any reason for it - and prove everyone wrong as a result.

Now whilst I'm maybe not as willing to make bold statements about where we go next as either Aidy or Chairman Graham Simpson have, the fact is that few would have taken their aims seriously at the start of this season, yet they have been vindicated. It's great to see the club so united and focussed, much more so than last time we were promoted, and our youth system is much more thriving than it previously has been. I enjoyed ITV's interview with Graham Simpson - when asked what his reaction would be if Mourinho came and knocked on his door saying he wanted the Watford job, his response was that no-one could knock on the door whilst Aidy Boothroyd is here.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Come on you 'orns!

Well, last night got the job done. It was far from the prettiest match ever, but we're on our way to Cardiff thank you very much. I unfortunately won't be going but all being well the money saved will be able to take me to one or two premiership matches next season.

The reporting I've seen of the brawl between Adrian Boothroyd and Fitz Hall has been pretty scandalous I think. Looking at the replays, particularly the ones from along the touchline, it looks pretty clear (clearer than in real-time) that Boothroyd was trying to get the ball and it slipped away from him. Meanwhile, Hall elbowed him in the face.