Thursday, April 06, 2006

Four Things

Four Jobs I've Had
Not nearly as interesting as Val's I'm afraid.
1) Spending all day counting cash in a Sainsbury's cash office.
2) Serving the finest italian coffees in a bookshop.
3) Building a stage for a brummy orchestra.
4) Trying and failing to inject some semblance of order into the filing system of a Japanese car company's marketing department.

Movies/Shows I've Been Addicted To
1) I seem to remember there being something about the president of the United States.
2) Saved by the Bell.
3) Breakfast (ie BBC1 morning show, and still am).
4) Start the Week on Radio 4.

Four Places I've Lived
Very boring I'm afraid, in fact I'm not sure why I bothered doing this.
1) Watford
2) Broomhill
3) Crookes
4) Norfolk Park

Four Popular False Assumptions About Me
1) That my surname is 'Wilks' and I am in the national Ultimate Frisbee Squad, or indeed that I can even throw a frisbee (these always seem to go together).
2) That I regularly win games of Trivial Pursuit in 2 goes.
3) That I like potatoes.
4) That I am the person to ask how to do strange esoteric things with Microsoft Word or Excel.

Four People I Look Like
1) Supposedly Nicholas Cage, but that's nonsense.
2) Billy (Jeremy Sisto) from Six Feet Under, but that's just the current hair and beard arrangement.
3) Leo Sayer.
4) Don Henley circa 1976.


At 5:36 AM, Blogger dan said...

1. they were indeed fine italian coffees. costa serves the nicest in town in my opinion
2. could the frisbee thing have something to do with the fact that a few people know a fella called si weeks, who was in fact in the national ultimate frisbee team?

At 6:11 AM, Blogger Pete said...

Yeah you do look like Billy.


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