Thursday, December 08, 2005

DC United?

So, Cameron it is. I think I'm the only person who believes this, but I can't help thinking that his very Blair-a-like-ness is actually going to stimulate a policy-driven politics that has been absent. For the last few years, watching PMQs has always been like being asked to take sides in a row between the Milkybar Kid and the Childcatcher (although from Major onwards Tory leaders have always seemed like really good guys after they've quit - so it's nice to see good ol' Bill Hague back on the front bench). But, it's just been pure panto. The Conservative Party image has been so distasteful that it's been pretty difficult to take them seriously and to not view Labour in a positive light simply for not being the Tories. But now, they are looking young, sprightly and vigorous - it is conceivable that they could have a positive, shiny finish. And so, in perceiving the two main parties, much of the parties spin will be cancelled out, since the Tories will now have some chance of spinning positively. Now, the very thing that IS going to distinguish them in people's minds, for the first time in years, is going to be... policy. Oddly, though this new dawn seems to have not just done the Tories a favour, but also Blair. Watching PMQs yesterday he seemed to be bathed in a different light from in recent months. Suddenly he seems a lot less tiresome and annoying now that it is clear that he is not the only person in the world who is so naturally unnaturally-charming. And Brown was looking like he would be a step BACK to the times of left-wing Labour leaders with minimal social skills.


At 3:06 AM, Blogger RAD said...

I actually quite like Cameron. Obviously not enough to make me vote tory unless they change the ethos and policites of the whole party to a radical degree and thus become a completely different party anyway.

It's a shame the tories chose him after a long string of no-hopers cos it could make them electable again.


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